Brevard's Local Lure Course Event

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Spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. 

Spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  

General Event Info

Dogs are required to be on leash at all times when they are not running the course. Extra runs can be purchased for $5 should time and space allow for it. Be careful! Your dog might get tired faster than you think. Extra runs can be purchased at any time. ☺

Equipment Provided By Swift Paws

SwiftPaws® is a health & wellness lifestyle brand for pets. We believe pets deserve to live their very best lives & we make beautifully playful products that help them do just that! We are a team of passionate pet-people from across the USA with headquarters on the east coast of Central Florida.

All pups should have the opportunity to participate in enrichment that stimulates their minds and bodies.

Meghan Wolfgram, Founder

About Us

Treat your pup to a fun day of healthy exercise, enrichment, and interaction!

Lure Course Brevard is the result of a passion for dogs, and a lack of community dog-activities in Brevard. I came across the idea when I realized that the closest place to lure course was 75 miles away. After talking with my agility trainer, Marie Davino of Mikamar Training Center, I decided to give it a go.


We ran our very first event in October of 2011.  Our family of pup-parents has been growing and enjoying our monthly events ever since!

I’m truly amazed with how much everyone seems to enjoy the events (I knew the dogs would love it!), and I’m extremely thankful for the outstanding support from those around me.

We currently use Wickham Park and a private field in Cocoa, FL as locations for LCB events and I’m happy to have great spaces available for the dogs!



-Meghan Wolfgram


What Pup Parent's Say

We love connecting with so many amazing and caring pup parents (and of course the pups too!) throughout all of Brevard County.  Our goal is to provide a safe, fun day for everyone!

This is a great way to spend a couple of hourse with your fur baby. The pups love the course and get to socialize with other dogs. Meghan and her family do a wonderful job making humans and pups have a great time!
Elizabeth Evans Kennedy
Wonderful opportunity for the dogs to have some "fun". [Any] breed of dog you can imagine participates.

Wish they would offer this every Saturday. We would be there.
Kathleen Homberger Heyda
Lure course is my dog’s FAVORITE thing ever! She loves it so much! They know Sugar, and they know how she tries to strategize. They let her come in the gate hot, run her fast, and stop her before it’s too much. They are the best!
Debra Stokes